Advance Pro Facial

Advance Pro Facial

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Our best-selling facial treatment for overall skin rejuvenation and a healthy glow. This treatment optimises the power of electrotherapy to penetrate vitamin-rich serums deeper into the skin and to create an ozone layer on the skin. Ozone has strong anti-bacterial properties to combat blemishes, acne and enlarged pores.

Includes a deep cleanse, skin resurfacing, galvanic therapy, direct high frequency, touch therapy, mask and finishing skincare.

Our treatments are based in Hampstead, London. A £50 deposit will be taken to secure your booking. Terms and Conditions apply.

Duration 90 minutes

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The Ultimate Cleanse

Specialist removal of skin impurities.

Skin Resurfacing (Exfoliation)

To brighten the skin for a radiant glow.

Galvanic (Iontophoresis)

A direct electrical current penetrates active ingredients deeper into the skin, breaks down pore congestion, and boosts cellular metabolism.

Direct High Frequency

An alternating electrical current is applied to destroy bacteria, bring fresh nutrients and oxygen to the skin and improve overall skin texture, tone and glow.

Touch therapy

Expert massage techniques to aid lymphatic drainage, release tension and contour sculpting.

Bespoke Mask

A mask is applied to rejuvenate, brighten and calm the skin.

Finishing touches

Finish off with skincare dermal layering for an immediate glow and renewed radiance.

- Skin congestion

- Mild acne

- Enlarged pores

- Blemish-prone skin

- Dull and uneven complexions

- Dehydration

A course of 6 treatments is recommended, once a week. Then, 1x a month for maintenance.