Signature Glow Peel

Signature Glow Peel

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Efficacious and 100% personalised to you. Our unique three-acid approach provides deep exfoliation and skin resurfacing to help you reach your skin goals faster. This treatment is ideal for targeting fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and breakouts.

Includes a deep cleanse, personalised chemical peel, deep treatment, mask and finishing skincare. Patch test required.

Our treatments are based in Hampstead, London. A £50 deposit will be taken to secure your booking. Terms and Conditions apply.

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The Ultimate Cleanse

Specialist removal of skin impurities.

Personalised Chemical Peel

To treat acne-prone skin:

Salicylic acid, mandolin acid and magic acid target blemishes, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and redness.

To treat pigmentation and uneven skin tone:

Lactic acid complexed with physic acid and nucor fungal extract brightens and targets hyperpigmentation (dark spots sun damage, acne scars)

To treat signs of skin ageing:

Glycolic acid reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Deep treatment and mask

An advance serum concentrate and mask is applied to rejuvenate, brighten and calm the skin.

Finishing touches

Finish off with skincare dermal layering for an immediate glow and renewed radiance.

- Ageing skin

- Blemish-prone skin

- Dull and uneven complexions

- Dehydration

- Pigmentation

A patch test at least 24 hours before treatment is required.

Before the treatment we will assess your skin type, discuss your goals and expectations, and determine the most suitable type and strength of chemical peel for your skin.